Quality of Life Mod – models – textures – tips – And the Devil’s Reshade configuration using Nvidia Freestyle

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Quality of Life Mod – models – textures – tips – And the Devil’s Reshade configuration using Nvidia Freestyle

Hi everyone!, sorry for the mod’s name, but is my first mod and first post (I couldn’t think in anything better), but it’s a pleasure to me share with you, to all the community of modders (on Discord) who give to me the knowledge to archive this and the people who visit the page to enhance his enjoyment with his games, may be my mod is not much but I wanted to still update this mod with more and more things if I can fully understand how the materials in game can be modify, not only change the textures on it.

Jump to Installation, if you don’t want to read complaints:
Anyway, I wanted to share with you people my personal experience on what I did to endure this game, because I expected too much from it, and at the end the disappointment and deceive suffered for it, has force me to try many things, because I couldn’t find the way to engage with the game, and for do that I must do 3 things:

-One: Enhance the audio experience (using Dolby Atmos, or DTS Sound Unbound, or if this software are out of question right now, for you, use the in house Windows sonic solution, but I highly recommend try the other two, both give a trial period).

-Two: Enhance the visual experience (using Reshade or something like it. I use Nvidia Freestyle, I will show how to use it, to have more Reshade filters on it).

-Three: Enhance the graphical experience (using mods, look and find what the modders do with the game, to enjoy more the time on it).

These 3 things work for me, and let me endure my time with the game.

And why I use the word endure, and not enjoy?, because the game still have many lack of promised content, that I can hardly imagine that CDPR will accomplish it in a future update.

So, is what it is, and with that in mind we need to endure with the state of the game and try to find the way have fun with what we have. And don’t get me wrong, I’m saying that this 3 things help me to endure my time in the game, but in the open world sections, I know than the history must be very good (I’m haven’t finished the game yet), but the game is not only history focused, if that so, why do an entire city for that purpose?, to tell a story is better an episodic game type.

Anyway, sorry for all the writing and complains, we better go to the mod.

This is a tutorial to use a few ReShade filters with Nvidia Freestyle (Nvidia Geforce Experience must be installed), sorry AMD users but here are so many ReShade mods that one more seems nonsensical, and with the captures that I’ll share, I think you can found the equivalent in the program if you wanted to.

1. Download the curated ReShade filters.
2. Unzip the files in the folder Ansel, typically found in:
C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\Ansel. (if you don’t have the folder, create it)
2.1. It’s possible you need to tick the experimental features box, inside of Nvidia Geforce Experience app (don’t remember if this is a must).
3. To activate Nvidia freestyle (Reshade filters),in game press Alt+F3, add a filter and enjoy. (note: no all filters can be used in games like typical Reshade, I think this depend more of the developers. The bright side is that you can use the freestyle almost in any modern game without an extra installation).
4. After a while, when you run the game another time/day, if you have a compilation error (and you’ll have it), close the game, go to the next folder:
C:\Users\YOUR USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\_binaries.
And erase all the content in there, the next time you run the game, you will need to re-apply the filters, but if you are lucky may be you will not need to change the settings again (save always a capture or write on paper your fav settings).

In the Zip file I will share my Nvidia Freestyle settings, if you want to use it, I went for a more realistic looking of the game, for that so, I down the saturation, the vignette is not used for that annoying black oval effect, on contrary I use it to eliminate it completely, because even when V is not crouch, have this Fu…nny effect, and finally I use Ambient Light to simulate (in a lack of a better description) the volumetric light, for us the mortals that doesn’t have a RTX GPU, in this filter if you doesn’t see the options in the image they are set on the default value, also, if you are like me and you aren’t fan to the in game Lens Flare effect, you can use AL_DirtTex instead, is a more subtle and less invasive effect, by default I disable it because I prefer a more clean image.

And listen, if you are wanna try my Nvidia Freestyle configuration I highly recommend to use “Eye Adaptation Auto Exposure Fix” (because the light in a sunny day becomes a little too bright) and “Forced Sharpening Removal” (because we will use the Sharpening directly from the reshade tool and looks better).

Finally the Mod:
At last but not least, like many other mod in here, copy the .archive file in your folder.

Like I said my mod is not much, but changes 2 things that annoyed me a little in the game, despite the fact that all the billboards are digital, namely, all of them emit light, some of they still need a lamps?, yes I know that the existence of that billboards is for the sake of the variety in the city, but in a unoptimized game, that polygons really count (you can gain 1 to 3 frames, eliminating the lamps), and like an extra these billboards seem more “tech”.

And the other change, it is for the city look less dumb, because I know how to use a vending machine and anyone here knows, even that 2077 futuristic ones i think, and always annoys me that these AR arrows (in perfect sync with the other machines) tell me where I need to press.

Credits: linkchiu
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