Remove or Change Claire’s Flag

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Remove or Change Claire’s Flag

Mod to remove or change the immersion breaking “Transgender Pride” – Flag from “the Beast” car you get, after the completing the “The Beast In Me” – Quest.

Have the option to either remove the flag completely, or replace it with the Logo of the popular “America First” Show.

Good reasons for using this mod:

-Transgenderism makes not much sense in a setting in which medical technology is so advanced that a back-alley doctor could perform the necessary procedure in an afternoon, making the transitioning phase irrelevant.

Immersion Breaking:
– No need for modern day politics.
– No interest / support for groups or individuals that identify with that flag.

– Because of the highly political nature of the “Transgender Pride” – Flag and it’s support for a controversial real world groups, I think it’s fair to give the player the choice to change it to any other group with different political leanings.


Mod consists of 3 Files: basegame_No_Flag.archive removes the flag completely, the other 2 adds two different “America First” Flags with different designs.

Extract the .rar file, put ONE of the *.archive files of your choice inside these folders. If the “mod” folder doesn’t exist, create it yourself.

Cyberpunk 1.20:

Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

Older CP77 versions (Tested):
Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

Credits: Madballll
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14 Responses

  1. Me says:

    Damn thanks for this mod man!

  2. King Schneed says:


  3. John Ronson says:

    avoided doing these sidequests first playthrough because I didn’t want the trannymobile, now I can actually do them, thanks based modmaker

  4. Ron Johnson says:

    Yeah I’m thinking based

  5. Joe mama says:

    if there was a mod to remove the character entirely

  6. KGW says:

    Give us a big confederate flag to put on instead !!!!!!!

  7. You don't need to know says:

    Anyone who actually “needs” to use this because they somehow are hurt by 5 stripes needs to reevaluate their life and touch some grass.

  8. eatme says:

    triggered conservatives be like

  9. CommunismWillWin says:

    1000$ says this person cry’s about cancel culture and wokeness but cant see a flag. there is nothing more fragile than conservative dudes

  10. PenisChopper says:

    Thank you, this alongside the edit that turns Judy straight is perfect. Trans can go back to beating up women in the ring, stay out of my games.

  11. Big_Johnson says:

    Thank you King.

  12. Person says:

    thanks where can I get the mod to also remove women’s rights and reinstate slavery btw?

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