Remove or Change Claire’s Flag

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Remove or Change Claire’s Flag

Mod to remove or change the immersion breaking “Transgender Pride” – Flag from “the Beast” car you get, after the completing the “The Beast In Me” – Quest.

Have the option to either remove the flag completely, or replace it with the Logo of the popular “America First” Show.

Good reasons for using this mod:

-Transgenderism makes not much sense in a setting in which medical technology is so advanced that a back-alley doctor could perform the necessary procedure in an afternoon, making the transitioning phase irrelevant.

Immersion Breaking:
– No need for modern day politics.
– No interest / support for groups or individuals that identify with that flag.

– Because of the highly political nature of the “Transgender Pride” – Flag and it’s support for a controversial real world groups, I think it’s fair to give the player the choice to change it to any other group with different political leanings.


Mod consists of 3 Files: basegame_No_Flag.archive removes the flag completely, the other 2 adds two different “America First” Flags with different designs.

Extract the .rar file, put ONE of the *.archive files of your choice inside these folders. If the “mod” folder doesn’t exist, create it yourself.

Cyberpunk 1.20:

Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod

Older CP77 versions (Tested):
Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

Author: Madballll
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75 Responses

  1. Me says:

    Damn thanks for this mod man!

  2. King Schneed says:


  3. John Ronson says:

    avoided doing these sidequests first playthrough because I didn’t want the trannymobile, now I can actually do them, thanks based modmaker

  4. Ron Johnson says:

    Yeah I’m thinking based

  5. Joe mama says:

    if there was a mod to remove the character entirely

  6. KGW says:

    Give us a big confederate flag to put on instead !!!!!!!

  7. You don't need to know says:

    Anyone who actually “needs” to use this because they somehow are hurt by 5 stripes needs to reevaluate their life and touch some grass.

  8. eatme says:

    triggered conservatives be like

  9. CommunismWillWin says:

    1000$ says this person cry’s about cancel culture and wokeness but cant see a flag. there is nothing more fragile than conservative dudes

  10. PenisChopper says:

    Thank you, this alongside the edit that turns Judy straight is perfect. Trans can go back to beating up women in the ring, stay out of my games.

  11. Big_Johnson says:

    Thank you King.

  12. Person says:

    thanks where can I get the mod to also remove women’s rights and reinstate slavery btw?

  13. Tatsu says:

    you a goat frfr

  14. Danny says:

    Thank you. I wanted to complete the race quest line but didn’t want to be sick to my stomach seeing that flag constantly.

  15. Smoot says:

    Very based, big thank

  16. Newt96 says:

    nice mod, if only we could remove the trans dialog and the stuff froms claires description then claire could finally not be the worst character in the game

  17. SneedumFeedum says:

    No idea why they put that flag in. The mod description sums it up perfectly. Why the fuck would any of this matter in a world where you could change your genitals 5 times in the span of a week?
    Doesn’t even matter because trans people still got upset and harassed the developers over the fact the girl in the Mix It Up advertisement had an outline of a penis in her leotard, even though it’s totally relevant in the context of the game’s world! How ungrateful and pathetic!!

  18. Bigdickmarston says:

    In your dreams racist sexiest tranny

  19. BigNigJason says:

    Thanks for not enabling mental illness and exacerbating suicide rates. But I believe this might need an update. not working anymore.

  20. Coliver says:

    >>No need for modern day politics.
    >>Adds flag of “popular” (lol) fascist talk show.

    You are a pathetic loser.

  21. Jacky says:

    Wow, the comments here are full of assholes.

    I got an idea: you don’t like it? Quit whining and get over with it.

  22. Person says:

    I can’t believe people actually managed to finish beating the fucking horrific “racing” mini quest line to get to this point.

    The other cars literally teleport to your position if you get too far ahead of them.

  23. Giga Chad says:


  24. BunniEmperor says:

    Been doing my first play-through, Just got to this point. Even as a gay chap, this isn’t something I want to see in my games. I play these to disconnect from the shit stain that is twitter, Not engage with it. So thanks a million!

  25. W says:

    Mammals (and therefore necessarily humans) reproduce heterosexually. In mammals, there is male, and there is female. Offspring can only be produced through the union of one male with one female.
    The concept of “transitioning” from one sex to the other is nonsensical, physically impossible, an exercise in futility, and an affront against nature (not to mention that those who attempt it are usually hideous, mentally unwell, and typically hold the most indefensible of views).

    The concept of “non-binary” is ridiculous and dismissible on the face of it. The concept of “gender” as separate from “sex” is also entirely nonsensical, and originates from literal child-abusing pedophile “sexologists” (in other words, not real scientists), it is not something that’s actually taken seriously, let alone considered some scientific “fact.” It’s a creation of, and is pushed by, activists with ulterior motives.
    “Transgenderism” is typically the product of some combination of birth defects, mental illness, porn addiction, paraphilia, etc. People chemically castrating themselves and destroying their bodies irreparably with hormones and surgery, in some cases actually becoming eunuchs.

    If it existed in a vacuum, just small numbers of isolated mentally ill freaks getting themselves castrated, ending their bloodline, and removing themselves from the gene pool to suit their paraphilia (which they’ve made the core trait of their entire personalities), I would have less of a problem with it as long as I didn’t have to hear about it or ever see it.
    But it isn’t in a vacuum. They try to spread their mind virus to others, most concerningly minors, causing irreparable damage to younger generations like the groomers and predators they are (statistically, yes, they are).

    They also creep into fanbases and online communities, start drama, make everything about themselves, harass others including organizers and developers, generally being venomous and the very definition of internet toxicity, get things forcibly changed or else they’ll contact service providers, internet and file hosts, etc. and lie to get things taken down (they also do this with payment processors, even going as far as doxxing and/or contacting peoples’ employers to get them fired, going after peoples’ livelihoods if you don’t agree with them, is not uncommon behavior in the internet “trans community”), going from fanbase to fanbase poisoning and killing community after community and moving on to the next like locusts (a very strong argument in favor of gatekeeping).

  26. W says:

    Humans reproduce heterosexually.

  27. LeftistsAren'tPeople41% says:

    Based. Leftists/marxists/communists/troons don’t get to call conservatives and normal people “fragile” when fragility is already part-and-parcel to a leftist’s psyche and ideology as it is.

    Seethe and cope. 41%.

  28. Hexenhammer says:

    Excellent mod, i dont need no LGBTLOL propaganda in MY PAID Games.

  29. TransRights says:

    Imagine being so much of a p**y that you have to mod out a decal on a car.

    • LeoP says:

      Imagine being so much of a psycho that you have to harass developers until they put the shit in in the first place

  30. chaosxshi says:

    Weird that this is immersion breaking in a world where a person can swap out their entire being to whatever they want it to be for a pile of eddies. It’s mentioned multiple times that a person is able to change, alter, mod, or do whatever they want with their genitals and swapping back and forth at will isn’t hard to do at all.
    A mod for people who clearly haven’t been paying attention to the lore of Cyberpunk and are too weak to experience other people’s realities.

    • Vaco says:

      “It’s mentioned multiple times that a person is able to change, alter, mod, or do whatever they want with their genitals and swapping back and forth at will isn’t hard to do at all.” And this is exactly why it’s immersion-breaking that someone would put a trans flag on their car, the modder explained it in detail in the mod descrpition lmao. Are you dumb or are you misunderstanding it on purpose ?

  31. Lookatthisretardabovelmao says:

    The troons love to say we overreact but then they assume everyone hates women and loves slavery

  32. Transh@ter says:

    Fragile trannies can’t stand not being able to force groomer politics on others.

  33. Trans Women and Men Are Trans Women and Men says:

    Trannies on suicide watch because they can’t force their degeneracy on you in a game you own.

  34. Empi3 says:

    thanks based modmaker

  35. Le_Liberal_Slayer88109 says:

    Thanks! Now i can play Cyberpunk without my wife’s black boyfriend thinking i support transexuals!!! P.S. Cant wait for the Nick Fuentes Funko Pops!!

  36. Cyrus says:

    Thanks for this.

    Always ironic to see “whoa you have issues if you want to remove this flag” meanwhile theyre upset you’re modding a game by simply removing a flag. This is why I cant ever be on “their side”.
    I’m all for equal rights but if simply removing a flag offends you to the point where you defend it with “lol your so sensitive for taking 2 seconds to mod the game to remove something you dont agree with” then you’re the one with the issues… which kind of coincides with what this flag represents. Clown world man.

  37. turn41into100 says:

    incredibly based, wouldnt bother finishing the questline otherwise

  38. Kreanj says:

    How to make reddit faggots mad: remove propaganda from a game

  39. TrannyKiller says:

    Unfortunately does not work anymore, needs an update

  40. ShepardRahl says:

    Where are the America First flags? It says to extract the RAR and put one of the archive files in the mod folder, but there is only the “no flag” archive file in the RAR.

  41. thrutherope says:

    41 is good, lets shoot for 100!

  42. Push that 41% up says:

    Troons are revolting

  43. Rifleman says:

    Thank you for this mod!
    I don’t need tranny flags in games where they are irrelevant!
    Modern politics does not exist in Cyberpunk, no place there for it!

  44. John says:

    Ugh nasty tranny scum and their sick pride-arrogance-lust flag of baby boy blue and baby girl pink, how sick are these invert perverts? It’s a cult tribester-brickmason cult, fit for burning nothing more. A secret about this game is that even the options they give you for this game as far as man-woman they are modeled as trannys. Easy to see if you have a Tfemv and wear a tube dress, the hulking back and way too wide shoulders. The faces all look like drag queens also, you don’t have the options to not have that. No hips options to make a natural woman. The TmanV has the typical FTM softness also.

    I posted an image of the beast in dogtown with this mod that removed the flag on nexisnotsees, removed. A freaking image. Don’t use nexisnotsee site just don’t do it.

  45. based gorl says:

    thank you! the trans movement is homophobic and sexist #DropTheT

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