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Black Wall Radio Remastered

Remastered Version of my original Black Wall Radio mod. All songs rebuilt from ground up to sound like AI creations instead of just distorted so they sound like actual songs now and not a collection of overly distorted garbage. songs used with permission.

Based off my original BLACK WALL RADIO since I liked the theme but not the end result. I spent a long time reworking every song from the ground up to make them actually decent sounding and melodic but still as if they were made by a group of insane AI cab drivers. I also changed some of the songs for new ones so they fit better. It’s being released as a separate mod and not an update because they sound very different from each other. The original was purposefully bad and distorted to be just shitty music by “AI terrorists”. This one has been made to have them sound like professional musicians that have a few albums out and enjoy making music that people enjoy. The members have “found their places” which means the vocals for every song have been isolated, duplicated, and pitched in opposite levels to make it seem like both Badlands delamain(the Worf sounding one) and Pacifica delamain(the Insane killer green one) are now dual lead singers with a couple songs featuring the Suicidal delamain, which takes the atmosphere to a much creepier robotic level that im sure many will appreciate more than my original version. the music is only slightly distorted instead of entirely distorted, and the “wahwahs” are mostly gone, apart from tempo changes and possible downtunes(like Drop D tuning for example but in this case, Drop C) to match the vocals, the instruments sound mostly the same as the originals, just a lil more digital. the songs sound darker than the original versions because of this, some sound slower, some faster, they still sound “creepy” but they arent garbage this time around. I would not call them “covers” because they are not covers, but that would be the closest to explaining how they sound compared to my original mod which was just distortion on a surface level. It’s currently taking me a few hours just to upload a single youtube video so there may not be any samples when this goes up, so if there are none currently, wait a few days and ill have a couple uploaded.

Track Changes for Dirge Radio
(Vanilla Song – New Song by Artist – Track Length – Track ID)
Bigger Man – The Power of Love(The Prison of Souls remix)Freddy Goes To Hollywood cover by Ulver – remix by Sythix6 – 3:23 – 305730733
Blouses Blue – The Will of One(Silverhanded Redemption remix)protomen – remix by Sythix6 – 2:50 – 777673336
Bruzez -Vengeance(Silver Lining Remix)Protomen – remix by Sythix6 – 2:56 – 960655358
CCC – The Stand(Johnny or V Remix)Protomen – remix by Sythix6 – 3:46 – 304807830
Clip Boss – For the Commonwealth and the Queen(Corpo-RAT Sickness Remix)Eleventh He Reaches London – remix by Sythix6 – 2:58 – 101795579
Day Of Dead – Oh, Brother(Hanakos Crime Remix)Eleventh He Reaches London – remix by Sythix6 – 3:05 – 279160746
Dishonor – Cruel Bloom(Night City Gutter remix)Converge- remix by Sythix6 – 3:16 – 495804559
Flacko Loko – Witch Image(Dead Flesh Remix)Ghost- remix by Sythix6 – 2:14 – 344041802
Frost – 3 Libras(4 Doored and Ignored remix)A Perfect Circle acoustic cover – remix by Sythix6 – 2:59 – 433713094
Go Blaze – Dead Man’s Creek(Corrupt [j{AI}zz]Core remix)Giant Squid -remix by Sythix6 – 3:08 – 216704447
Gr4ves – Glass Harmonium(4 Door Shrink remix)Eleventh He Reaches London -remix by sythix6 – 2:59 – 728377454
Hello Good Morning – Alone(In the House of Arasaka Remix)Zounds -remix by Sythix6 – 3:18 – 466119236
High School Bully – These Ancient Bones(Analog Circuits remix)Osi and The Jupiter -remix by Sythix6 – 3:02 – 384046700
Metamorphosis – Sex Dwarf(Evelyn’s Assault remix)Soft Cell cover by Medication Time – remix by Sythix6 – 4:07 – 274367834
NBOM – Craft(Net-Ritual remix)Osi and The Jupiter -remix by Sythix6 – 2:56 – 749562071
No Save Point – Hill of Grace(Gr[AI]ce of Death remix)Eleventh He reaches London -remix by Sythix6 – 2:52 – 595318736
Nosebleed – Year Zero(The Black Wall Falls Remix)Ghost -remix by Sythix6 – 3:06 – 697396654
Pluck U – Ritual(Slvr + Alt + Delete Remix)Ghost -remix by Sythix6 – 3:22 – 921768250
Problem Kids – Counting Bodies like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums(Rise of the M[AI]chines remix)A Perfect Circle -remix by Sythix6 – 2:47 – 422374976
Run The Block -Wretched World(Street [AI] remix)Converge -remix by Sythix6 – 2:57 – 39020019
Suicide – Cirice(SoulKiller remix)Ghost -remix by Sythix6 – 3:45 – 706423871
THE GOD MACHINES – Hollow Be My Name([AI]carus Falls Remix)Eleventh he reaches London remix by Sythix6 – 3:07 – 660406395
Warning Shots – Long Grows the List of the Live and Dead Pretenders([AI]bsent F[AI]ther Remix)Eleventh He Reaches London remix by Sythix6 – 2:54 – 761987513

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