Cyberpunk 2077 Demo

Cyberpunk 2077 Demo

Back in 2012, Cyberpunk 2077 was first announced. Fast forward to the present day and we are still waiting for the game to be released. We do have a release date now i.e. 16 April 2020. Additionally, a lot of content related to the game such as trailers, exclusive footage and announcements have been made public so far that have us eagerly waiting for the game’s release.

Back in August 2019, a 14-minute deep dive video was released. The video in question basically focuses on the gameplay. The Cyberpunk 2077 demo video introduces us to 2 unique characters. One relies on strength and combat while the other takes pride in overcoming the odds via hacking and technology manipulation.

Also, the Cyberpunk 2077 demo game gives us a glimpse of the choices we will have to make over the course of the game and how those decisions will impact the story. If that wasn’t exciting enough, we also got introduced to Johnny Silverhand (portrayed by Keanu Reeves). Reeves’ inclusion in the game has surely lured in new fans.

Additionally, we got to see the visually appealing Night City in a dystopian setting. It is being said that the 14-minute Cyberpunk 2077 Demo is actually a condensed version of the exclusive in-game footage shown to the attendees of E3 2019.

It’s safe to say that the demo has answered a lot of our questions in regards to the game. The addition of 2 completely different characters will surely add an element of fun into the game.

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