Darkside’s NEW Game Plus Extreme modded save file

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Darkside’s NEW Game Plus Extreme modded save file

So what i have here is a quick street kid save literally right after you finish speaking to the bar tender. this save is before you meet the padre or even Jackie. Yet my friends you are fully equipped with the best cyber ware for a brutal time slowing killer, this dude has killer stats beyond maximum but yet not too game breaking.

soon to be a repository of “new game plus +” saves. on this first file… basically i have sat here for f’n hours screwing around with different mods, save editors and the game it self. (so yeah these are saves that work independent of the mods installed…. to a degree….basically give me some time ill do my best to credit you if your content does indeed appear in this file. that said the purpose of the uploaded file is to give the end user (player) the access to a fully armored, weapons in inventory, cyber ware applied, stats maxed and gear of similar level (custom modded armor and weapons….may be op I’m still balancing) V so you can simply enjoy the story.

if you want to use a different appearance i recommend the cyber-cat save editor

features include:
insanely leveled weapons to start with (can equip weapons after meeting Jackie) these shits are like a one quitter hitter on most all enemy’s
my personal outfit picks…..these peaces have high stats also we got invisible armor peaces thanks to a script by Scareon i have increased the stats on those.
Cyber-ware installed before ever seeing a single ripper doc.
packed inventory you start with max money, a ton of crafting mats, recipes, and misc items to include silver hands holo arm

installation: goto C:\Users\your user name\Saved Games\CD Projekt Red\Cyberpunk 2077 and put the entire folder there. if installed correctly when you load the game you will see a save with the following title “Manual Save-new game plus do not overwrite” this file can’t be overwritten. (manual deletion required to remove) the game will simply create a new save according to my testing. this is because i have custom thumb nailed and “titled’ the save. if you want it to be writable i.e. you can overwrite or completely remove. all you have to do is rename file to ManualSave-0 or something similar and you can do what you wish.

any requests for personal sav edits im willing to try and mod your saves on one condition 1. i have no clue how the save will work on your game, if it works cool if not….. might be sometime before i can help you. what do i recommend……ummmmmmm download the cyber cat save editor……use my save provided here…and make the dude you want. its your game bro.

female saves may come soon

enjoy! and thanks for checking out my custom save file.

….. i know theirs like a metric “F” ton of character saves. But my goal is to bring you as close to a rewarding new game plus as possible. to do this I’ve carefully utilized several mods, save editors, and the game it self to bring you this file….. hours of work before even beginning but i surely bereave this can be a base save for all your future play troughs.

best of wishes and may your game time be filled with fun. best wishes~

Author: Darkside1227
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