Female V Judy and River Romance Saves

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Female V Judy and River Romance Saves

A list of saves during my playthrough that give you the option to either experience the romance in full or jump straight to the final romance Quest. Judy was romanced and I chose to begin a relationship with her before meeting River. This is mainly for people that want to save time and see how they are. Spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

Quick explanation of my save games:
For those wondering, this is a nomad playthrough. My build is more focused on crafting with a focus on rifles and pistols. If you want to continue where I left off, all saves are still in Act 2 and Gimme Danger is the last main job after the last river romance save. I did not manage to romance Meredith because I didn’t shoot or give the infected chip to the maelstrom dude and the other dude won. Also, somewhere in my saves I accidentally sold or dismantled the iconic Windowmaker so, if it’s not in my vehicle or other stashes, don’t bother looking for it. Also, after the last save, it’s pretty much set up that you can now craft legendary items. If you want fast money, sell some of the green components and you can get more from dismantling drinks. If you come across a legendary mod, I believe you can craft it for one legendary component and this dismantle it for 3. This might be patched out or CDPR will pull a funny gag like they did in Witcher 3.

This obviously contains spoilers. You have been warned. Download these if you don’t care about spoilers. Click away now if you do.
I’ve included a quick guide to it/what I did for both romances.

The main goal of posting these saves is so you can experience each female V romance and see if you like them or not without wasting 20-30hrs just getting there.

Installation Instructions:
Drag and drop the save file into C:/Users/[Username here]/Saved Games/CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077. If it asks you to overwrite, just extract it to your desktop, then change the number on the folder, then drag and drop it into the path above.

To find it, go through your the load list and look for the save number you gave it. 99% sure the game currently organizes saved by date and time. It should also say that it is a nomad lifestyle.

I’ve also included the screenshots from the save file folders in the pictures to help you navigate to them in your load menu.

List of Judy Romance Saves:
Manual Save 17: “Both Sides Now”. It should be roughly at the start. I believe all I did was wait 24hrs ingame after “Double Life”. Just respond favourably to Judy. Wait 2-3 days to get “Ex-factor”.

Manual Save 25: “Ex-Factor”. Start of the Quest. Respond favorably to Judy. Kill Woodman when given the chance. Wait 24hrs after finishing it to get “Talkin’ Bout Revolution”.

Manual Save 34: “Talkin’ Bout Revolution”. Should be at the Start of Quest. Like always, respond favorably to Judy and refuse her offer to pay you for your help when she offers it. This should be after u spar with Tom. After this quest, wait 3 or 4 days and you should get a text or call from Judy for the Pisces Quest.

Manual Save 37: Roughly the start of the “Pisces” Quest. The most important part of the Quest is when you do the penthouse meeting. Respond favorably to Judy too.

Manual Save 39: Just before finishing the “Pisces Quest”. This save is taken just before the meeting with Maiko. Imho, this is the most important part of the Judy romance because the meeting can go sideways very quickly and, one wrong choice can lead you to being locked out of Judy’s final Quest “Pyramid Song”. From my experience, those are telling Judy to shush during it and accepting Maiko’s money if the deal is made. Also, you should either kill Maiko or don’t accept her deal. No ifs or buts. When getting out of the building, just respond favorably to Judy. Wait around 4 to 5 ingame days and you should get a call from Judy for “Pyramid Song”.

Manual Save 41: “Pyramid Song”…. I recommend doing it from start to finish because it’s very sweet. Meet with Judy at the marker around evening. Do the quest, go diving with her, and explore the optional clue stuff. Compliment her when given the chance. When she offers you to stay, say yes. Little extra dialogue: When she asks u how u take you coffee, just say with milk. Then, you’ll have to leave the cottage to repair the generator (like in riders on the storm). When you get back inside, check if she’s fine, console her, and then choose the option with the kissing icon. Morning after, find her on the pier, and choose “Start of something special” and it’ll lock in the relationship with her. You’ll get access to her pad and it’s got some pretty cool stuff in it. She’ll be at her pad pretty much all the time afterwards. If you chose “A pleasant distraction” she’ll be treated as a one night stand and you won’t have a full relationship with her. Pretty sure you may or may not have access to her pad afterwards too (might be wrong here).

Manual Save 49: Near the end of “Pyramid song”. It is just after turning on the generator. Simply check up on Judy, ask if she’s alright, console her, and then choose the kissing icon. This will lead to the sex scene. Wake up in the morning, find judy on the pier, and then she’ll ask u what last night meant for you. Choose “Start of something special” if you want a lasting relationship with her. Choose “A pleasant distraction” if it was a one night stand.
Side note: if you choose “Start of something special”, from my experience, you get occasional extra texts from her and you will be able to call her during the final mission just before the point of no return (when you decide on the endings) and she’ll come hang out.

List of River Romance Saves
Quick note regarding these following saves: Panam side quests have been completed by this point. Since I’m female V, I was supportive of her and we’re just friends but the ending where you choose to take Panam’s over Rogue’s help will be available if you want to do something like that. She also knows about the chip. Also, at the point of the River quests, I chose to be in a relationship with Judy at the end of “Pyramid Song”.

Manual Save 54: “I fought the law”. This is pretty much at the end of the club section. I lost the save at the start of it. Animal boss was incapacitated for info. Just respond favorably to River. Choices don’t really matter much here. Just tell River to go ahead with the investigation and tell Elizabeth Peralez and her husband the truth. After finishing the quest, wait 24hrs, drive around for a couple minutes, then wait another 24hrs. Keep doing this until u get a call from River and you’ll get a text too. You’ll get “the hunt” side mission.

Manual Save 56: Start of “the Hunt”. Go to marker. There might be some Judy texts to answer to. If they were already answered, they were in a positive way (other options come across as defensive and a little condescending). Anyway, just respond to River in positive ways, after you get caught by the doctor, defend the dude by saying he hasn’t let u down yet. When you’re in the car, just say you will take him up on that beer offer. When in the brain dances, find all the clues and River will go to the right place. Like every time, just respond positively/show interest. Also, just tell him you’ll help him and you can count on him. Skip a few ingame days and you should get his last quest.
Side note for this save: It’s in a pretty easy money farm. If you want cash, spend a little bit of time buying up the drinks (stick with the buttons on the left). When all of the machines sell out, just save and reload. Dismantle for the nilcola and manticore drinks for parts when you’re done. Sell the green parts to drop off points (wait 24hrs for it to reset money).

Manual Save 59: “Following the River”. Go to marker, wait for River/try to find him. He’ll be doing a BBQ and you’ll help him with it. Like “Pyramid Song”, it’s pretty sweet. Just respond favorably to him, you’ll be able to play an augmented reality game with him and the kids (imho let the kids win). While you’re all eating, you can decide to respond by “raising your hand” to “who thinks V and River make a good couple”. This doesn’t really matter. After eating, he’ll lead you two to a water tower where you’ll talk and make some jokes to each other. You can back out and tell him no and you just want to be friends anytime. You’ll get his iconic pistol regardles. If you do respond favorably, he’ll ask if he has a chance and if you say yes and choose the kissing icon to follow it up, you’ll sleep with him. Next morning you can talk about if you want to continue the romance as a relationship or it was a one night stand. He’s fully on board with continuing it as a relationship and it will be up to you to decide what it will be. It’ll also be very obvious which option is continuing it as a relationship and which one isn’t.
Side note: As he is a core romance, I’m positive that you can also call him during the final mission and he’ll come hang out.

Manual Save 61: Just before talking to him at the water tower in “Following the River”. Talk to him, tell him there’s a chance, choose the option with the kissing icon and then you’ll get the sex scene.

Credits: Judostar25
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