Female V’s Less Ugly Feet

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Female V’s Less Ugly Feet

This is my small attempt to make female V character’s feet look less ugly in the game. I modified defuse and specular maps for V’ body texture files (censored, base and naked). There are several options to choose:
1. Smooth (just the skin on the top part of the feet is smoother, without those hideous wrinkles in the big toe area / veins less visible / wrinkles in the ankle area less visible)
2. Smooth + Dark Toenails (same as above, but with dark painted toenails added)
3. Smooth + Pink Skin (same as #1 + some subtle pink skin colorization around the toes, soles and on the heel)
4. Smooth + Pink Skin + Dark Toenails (all options together)

Please keep in mind that these changes are rather subtle, I just tried to eliminate those ugly wrinkles visible on the top of V’s feet (mainly in the big toe area). The rest of additions is my personal preference. If you are fine with how the default feet look in the game, than there’s no point in downloading this mod, I guess.
Quality of the textures might not be very impressive – I’m not a professional texture creator. The fact that these body textures in the game are only 1024×1024 resolution doesn’t help either. Not much place for details there, I’m afraid. Still, if not seen from real close up, these seem fine for the game’s purpose.

To check the difference between these options please see some preview and comparison images in my gallery. Be aware that visual results might look a bit different in your game than on these screenshots, depending on your graphics settings and reshade presets (if you use any).

Just extract one of the options to your Cyberpunk 2077 game folder (where the game’s launcher is located).

Remove the file called “basegame_v_smooth_feet.archive” from this location: Steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\patch

Any mod that changes these files:
– t0_000_wa__c_base_d02.dds
– t0_000_wa__c_base_d02_censored.dds
– t0_000_wa__c_base_d02_naked.dds

Bugs / Issues:
I’m not familiar much with how the game handles textures and modifications of textures, so I really can’t say if you can expect some serious glitches or bugs. I tested these modifications in my game (pc steam) and it seems to be working fine.

Credits: epsadin
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