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Spectral Dance FM

Replaces pacific dreams with dark synth music from the bands Dance with the Dead and Spectral Drug. More bands will be added as more bands give me permission. All songs are used with personal permission from the artists themselves. Use of these songs outside of this mod needs to be with permission from the artists. I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS.

Dance With The Dead is a synth group from California that plays darker themed synth music that can best be described as 80s horror/slasher/scifi/fantasy movie synth, comparable to John Carpenter himself, Carpenter Brut and Perturbator but still with their own unique sound. You can purchase all their albums and singles from their bandcamp page through the link.

Spectral Drug is a solo artist from Poland, they play 80s style synth music with a dark theme and also does covers of classic black metal and songs and new black metal songs. You can purchase their original songs on the bandcamp page in the link, and you can listen to the black metal covers on their youtube page here.

Currently I only have permission from these two artists and I am in the middle of getting permission from others, I will update as I receive more permissions with newer “mixes” while keeping the older ones available if you prefer them over any updated ones.

I did my best to level out the sound across all songs to be even with the world effects levels so everything should match, however this station will be slightly louder than the vanilla stations so adjust your sound levels in game accordingly.

track list
(original song title – code number for modding – song length – new song and artist)
antagonistic – 190841656 – 2:46 – Echoes by Spectral Drug
ashes and diamonds – 95368841 – 4:11 – Transylvanian Hunger(Darkthrone Cover) by Spectral Drug
blurred – 1056620275 – 3:13 – Arcade by Spectral Drug
chodze – 1066343217 – 4:43 – Skeletons in the Attic by Dance with the Dead
ice maddox – 1017413855 – 6:31 Excercises in Futility I(MGLA cover Liliths Exile remix) by Spectral Drug
Isometric air – 253367813 – 4:31 – Nightdrive by Dance with the Dead
La Stessa Causa – 1044871022 – 4:17 – Further Down the Nest I(MGLA cover Liliths Palace Remix) by Spectral Drug
Lithium – 770891476 – 4:36 – Take Me There by Dance with the Dead
Miami Suicide – 400079366 – 4:29 – Memories by Spectral Drug
midnight eye – 928920080 – 4:05 – Syntheim I by Spectral Drug
practical heart – 910852846 – 4:03 – RoBeast by Dance with the Dead
real window – 1005242856 – 3:47 – The Deep by Dance with the Dead
RetroGenesis – 562668759 – 5:41 – Shadows by Spectral Drug
simple pleasures – 803750564 – 3:08 – Mothership by Spectral Drug
Slag – 285910393 – 4:40 – Near Dark by Dance with the Dead
Slippery Stabs – 621406329 – 4:30 – Waves by Dance with the Dead
the other room – 869646378 – 3:22 – Blood Moon by Dance with the Dead

Credits: Christopherrobin86
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