Female V Judy Romance at Start of Nocturne OP55N1

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Female V Judy Romance at Start of Nocturne OP55N1

This is a Judy romance save and it is a follow up to the saves that I uploaded a little over a week ago. This save is set just before the point of no return. Simply go to embers to begin Nocturne OP55N1. Screenshots past stats contain spoilers.

For a complete list of save games related to the romances, please see this upload: https://www.cyberpunk2077mod.com/female-v-judy-and-river-romance-saves/

Quick explanation of my save game:
For those wondering, this is a nomad playthrough. My build is focused on crafting, ARs, and pistols. I tried to make it a run and gun build with the option to snipe as well. I got mostly every iconic weapon that can go on the wall in V’s apartment aside from Skippy. I had Skippy but I decided to give it back to Regina because I didn’t want him anymore and he was getting pretty annoying. If you would like to use a pistol that’s like Skippy, there is a SMART iconic pistol called “Genjiroh” in my apartment stash.

I did use console commands to give myself back the Widowmaker and Kongou weapons I accidentally dismantled. Aside from using console commands for this, everything else was obtained legitimately or by abusing the crafting system to make money. I also did go back to the Arasaka tower from the heist to get the iconic Katana I missed as well.

Most of my gear is found in V’s apartment stash but some can be found in the car’s stash too.

I also got and upgraded all of Johnny’s gear from Chipping In, Psychofan, Family Heirloom, and the one gig in Japantown with the old fan (secret shop).

Here’s a list of choices/important things to note from my save:
Did not side with Meredith during the pickup (so no Sir John Phallustiff)
Gave Jackie to his family (got the funeral)
Romanced Judy and decided to continue as a relationship with her during Pyramid Song
Turned down River Ward’s romantic advances.
Completed Panam’s storyline
Completed Rogue’s storyline
Completed Kerry’s storyline
Mostly agreed with Johnny (the relationship sits at about 60%)
Completed all of the Beat the Brat Gigs (beat Razor as well… most BS fight in the game)
Unsure if I saved Takemura during “Search and Destroy” (I just can’t remember)
Yes, I did get the cat and fix the rollercoaster.

Installation Instructions:
Drag and drop the save file into C:/Users/[Username here]/Saved Games/CD Projekt Red/Cyberpunk 2077. If it asks you to overwrite, just extract it to your desktop, then change the number on the folder, then drag and drop it into the path above.

To find it, go through your the load list and look for the save number you gave it. 99% sure the game currently organizes saved by date and time. It should also say that it is a nomad lifestyle.

I’ve also included the screenshots from the save file folders in the pictures to help you navigate to them in your load menu.

Credits: Judostar25
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