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Night City is a depressing place, the jazz station should reflect that instead of some of their more upbeat songs that were probably chose due to them being famous and amazing songs, some of the vanilla songs were perfect for the game, they all were definitely classics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they fit the social conditions of Night City that makes jazz what it is, they were out of date, but not completely out of touch. these songs I feel fit a dystopian cyberpunk society more accurately. they are still right at home while driving around the game LA Noire(at night) as they are in old movies about hard-boiled detectives or fugitives with dark pasts having a rest at a midnight diner, but with just enough extra to make them more “tech-noir” than old film-noir in sound to fit the style and technological dependency of 2077, cuz lets face it, no one in the year 2077 is making music purely the old fashioned way anymore unless they are super wealthy.

Songs are from dark/doomy jazz artists and remixed with effects and samples from movies such as dark city, silence of the lambs, and sin city, etc. as well as classic TV shows such as the original Twilight Zone, Twin Peaks and a few more i can’t recall. these songs are gonna make you wanna stand by the window staring out into the rainy city, watching the weeks of dirt and oil wash down into clogged drains, as the smoke from your cigarette stings your nostrils you take another drag, the last of your weed mixed with some hash and mostly stale tobacco burns your throat but still you inhale the sweet chemicals. the shimmering swirls of rainbow colors in the oil have taken over your thoughts and fogged your mind.. the honking horns and screeching tires of traffic are nothing more than background noises, even the knock at your office door are just hollow bass notes in the back of your head… until you hear footsteps behind you and turn around, a tall dame is staring at you, eyes half-cocked and an angry, but nervous, look on her face, cyber-ware glittering under the fluorescent lighting… she takes a look around the place and for a moment her visage changes to one of disgust before she catches herself and returns to a dignified stance that shows her rich upbringing in a city of degenerates…. “I think someone is following me..” she continues, and you think somethings off about her, a rich broad like her wouldn’t be caught dead in a place like yours, dirty windows and yellow floors that were, at one point you hope, white like polished marble… shes desperate, which means shes serious, and you can smell the stench of Corpo-Rats all over her, but you hear her out, and take the job anyways. It’s just a job you say to yourself, and you need the money…

Track List
Ascenseur (Generique) – 143859087 – 2:46 – Dead Angeles(Noire-Files remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore + Andrew Hale – remix by sythix6
Bitches Brew – 915057747 – 4:52 – Black City Skyline(Sin City Streets remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6
Black Satin – 448263054 – 15:28 – Nightwolf(Abuducted Remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6
Dark Prince – 449864253 – 3:51 – Prowler(of the Twilight Zone remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6
Impressions – 230077180 – 6:31 – Street Tattoo(The Owls are Not What They Seem remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6
Laura – 419089334 – 7:37 – Lift Your Curtain(Dr. Lecter remix)Michael Arthur Holloway – remix by sythix6
Round Midnight – 487426870 – 3:49 – Last Known Spy(Replicant Sins remix)Trigg & Gusset – Remix by Sythix6
Solo Dancer – 1014236840 – 6:35 – Midnight Walker/On Demon Wings(Dark City Remix)Bohren and Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6
You Don’t Know What Love Is – 400388835 – 4:47 – Painless Steel(Like Tears in Rain remix)Bohren & Der Club of Gore – remix by sythix6

Credits: Christopherrobin86
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