Modular Accessory Collection – Elbow Pads

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Modular Accessory Collection – Elbow Pads

This mod replaces various torso items with elbow pads. You can choose yourself which torso item will be replaced, and add elbow pads with or without spikes. This mod uses slot 3 and 4 of the available 15 slots. I intend to add more items over time to fill up the remaining slots and allow you to create your own combinations of accessories.

Female V only.
If you want to combine this mod with jackets or shirts from other mods you can use Combine Modded Torso Clothing.
This mod can be combined with my other Modular Accessory Collection mods without replacing an additional item:
Slot 1 & 2 (10 & 11) – Gloves
Slot 3 & 4 (12 & 13) – Elbow Pads

How this mod works
Download “Replacer Archives” from main files. If you have already downloaded this file from another Modular Accessory Collection mod you can skip this step, the files are identical.

Download the “Lizzy Elbow Pads and Spikes” file from main files.
From the downloaded files install the following:

Item to Replace – Install one or more archives from this folder. These determine which torso item(s) will be replaced. You can use more than one at a time, this will increase the amount of items that are replaced with the accessories from this mod. Without at least a single replacer archive this mod will do nothing. You can find this folder in the “Replacer Archives” main file.
The “MAC – Torso – Replacer Archive Codes.txt” file included in the “Replacer Archives” download contains a list of codes showing the items each replacer archive replaces. Pictures of the clothing model replaced by each replacer archive are also included in the “Replacer Archives” download, and also in the images on this page.

Collection – Install the archives you choose from this folder. Each archive adds elbow pads/spikes to both arms or one arm. Elbow pads for both arms use slot 3. Spikes for both arms use slot 4. Elbow pads and spikes for one arm can be put in slot 3, 4, 12 or 13 to allow for any combination. The spikes archives are named the same as their matching elbow pad, but you can of course mix and match or use only spikes. Install only a single archive for a slot, otherwise they will overwrite each other.
You can find this folder in the “Lizzy Elbow Pads and Spikes” main file.

Contrary to my previous modular mods this one does not contain empty archives. The empty meshes are included in each replacer archive, which is named so that it is placed below the slot archives. The mesh included in each slot archive then overwrites the empty mesh in the replacer archive. If you want to rename the archives make sure the replacer archive(s) stays below the slot archives in alphabetical order.

Extract the .7z archives and place the .archive files you choose in the mod folder located at Cyberpunk 2077\archive\pc\mod.
If the mod folder does not exist simply create it.
Default game install location for steam is C:\program files (86x)\steam\steamapps\common\Cyberpunk 2077
Default game install location for GOG is C:\program files (86x)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Cyberpunk 2077

To uninstall remove the archives from the mod folder.

Installation example
Let’s say you want to replace the basic tank with black elbow pads, appropriately colored short spikes on the left arm and red long spikes on the right arm. You then place the following archives in the mod folder:


The actual archives can differ depending on the colors you choose, and if you want the same models on both arms (or not). For the spikes in this particular example any archives that use slot 4, 12 or 13 could have been used, as long as only a single archive for each slot is used.

Not compatible with other mods that change the same item as the replacer archive(s) you’ve chosen.
Each replacer archive replaces ALL items that use that particular clothing model.
Other mods that replace any of these items will not be shown while the replacer archive is installed.

Credits: Echorra
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