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Optimization time game

Do you know why you don’t have enough PC power to play this game? It’s very simple!
The effect is not seen on SSD and 16 RAM. Only on 8 RAM and HHD

It depends on what kind of PC system you have. But if each icon is loaded at 0.5, then it is very difficult.

The developers set 0.5 minutes for the entire menu (icons also load after 0.5 minutes). If you go to the map menu during the game, it will load in 0.5 (half a minute), even though your computer is powerful.

If you open windows quickly (by clicking on the icons during the game), then each window will open for 0.5 seconds (half a minute). No matter what processor or RAM you have. RAM does not have time to process everything in the game (each window loads 0.5 in the game settings), even if you have 16 or 32 RAM. It will be very difficult to process so many processes at the same time, and the system will simply give low fps when switching from the game to the menu.

I set all values to 0.1 (set only 0.3: “VehicleInsideWheel” and “CallVehicle” so that the two buttons are not pressed at the same time) and “the game started flying – just flying” (+ fps).

(!) I wrote 0.1 in places, but it may happen that two buttons will be the same (pressed). Although this has never happened to me before (after changing the file)! This is worth paying attention to!

  • (HHD loading) 1:00 min (0,001 millisecond =00.00.00). =60:00 min =1.0 =0,5 sec (half a minute)
  • Because by setting 0.1, everything works for 1 second. All loading of 1 sec!

The menu map loads in places / sometimes (if it’s a city, it just opens the menu and then appears after the menu itself), but for example, if you take something (food, weapons, or something else), a computer with 8 RAM can quickly pull everything out (in seconds).

  • I am in accordance with the game calculus. The game also has values of 0.7, and it works. but if you put 1.0, it will be like a minute. alas, games and the world are different.
  • *The thing is that the menu is loaded first by, then the map (3D). I noticed. If you load two things at once, then the RAM loads heavily (both the HHD and the processor).
  • But if the menu loaded in 1 second, the computer quickly starts loading another, which frees the computer’s resources from the extra load.

When viewing the map, taking items from people or food, etc., the FPS does not drop.

> > > go to the game: D: \ Cyberpunk 2077 \ r6 \ config and there we look for the file inputcontext.xlm

(!) Note: You can change the time of the car to get in faster. You can change the time when the menu cursor moves (click).

(!) But I only set the menu time setting.

Credits: drakon4ik_jak
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