Streetkid male save-file early-game

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Streetkid male save-file early-game

This is a save-file of my male Streetkid V.

The quests that are done are all side-quests and NCPD-quests in Watson, and all main-quest including “The Information” visiting Evelyn Parker at Lizzie’s. The next quest in line is “The Pick-up” and is not done.

Money €$852061 (grinded by me)
Common Items 12796
Uncommon Items 6084
Rare Items Components 2049
Rare Upgrade Items 2049
Epic Item Components 333
Epic Upgrade Components 333
Legendary Item Components 20
Legendary Upgrade Components 20

Uncommon Quickhack Components 70
Rare Quickhack Components 41
Epic Quickhack Components 18
Legendary Quickhack Components 3

Max.doc MK.1 (Instantly restores 40% of health) 447

-Duoloayer Polyamide Rocker Vest (Legendary with 4 slots with Epic Armadillos)
-Galaxy T-shirt (Legendary with 4 slots with Epic Armadillos)
-Elegant Sepia Vision Aviators With Reinforced Lenses (Legendary with 3 slots with Epic Armadillos)
-Anti-puncture Neotac Badge Pants With Composite Lining (Legendary with 3 slots with Epic Armadillos)
-Blackwall Synthetic Punk High-tops (Legendary with 3 slots with Epic Aramdillos)

-Dying Night (Legendary with 4 slots with Rare/Iconic Crunch [+damage]) upgraded to the maximum at this level.
-Fenrir (Legendary with 4 slots with Rare/Iconic Crunch [+damage], Type 2067 scope [common]) upgraded to the maximum at this level.
-Black Unicorn katana (Legendary with 3 slots; Cold Shoulder [+ damage Rare], Scourge [+10% Increased Crit. damage] and White-knuckled [+7% increased Crit. chance].

-[Legendary] Heal-On-Kill
-[Legendary] Mechatronic Core (+50% damage to drones, mechs and robots)
-[Epic] Kirsoshi Optiscs Mk.3 (3 slots: Automatic high-light enemies detecting you, +5% increased crit.chance, allows you to see precise explosion-radius of your grenades)
-[Common] Blood-pump (activate to instantly restore 50% health)
-[Common] Adrenaline booster (Instantly restores 10% of Stamina when you defeat an enemy)
-[Common] Cataresist (Increase all resistance by 8%)
-[Rare] Nano-relays (Increases Sandevistan and Kerenzikov duration by 1 sec.)
-[Uncommon] Neofiber (Increases evation by 6%)
-[Legendary] Subdermal armor (Increases armor by 200)
-[Uncommon] Seocho Electronics MK.1 (4 base RAM, 5 buffer size, 3 slots for hacks)
-[Uncommon] Titanium bones (Increases carrying capacity by 40%)
-[Common] Synaptic signal optimizer (Increases health by 20%)
-[Legendary] Ballistic Co-Processor (hand-cybernetics, for guns)
-[Rare] Fortified ankles (Hold space-bar (on PC) for jump)
-No cybernetics for arms (blank)

-Datapad found at the Scav-lair has NOT been tampered with (for later quest meeting Sandra Dorsett).
-Did MAKE a deal with the ripperdoc in Kabuki, so he’s available, not chased off after confronting him about where he gets his supplies.

Author: SplashNOR
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