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Modular Military Mask – ArchiveXL

Modular Military Mask – Comprehensive, modular, military styled headgear kit found on NPCs, converted for player use. A heavily requested mod, with development having started 2 months ago.

This set of items originates from the NPCs found in Phantom Liberty, specifically from the Barghest Troops. Their mask is different from the options available to the player and also features LEDs integrated both on the visor and on the mask.

The headgear is split into multiple, single modules, allowing full customization of the headgear and high compatibility with other face and head items.

Additionally, I have added a set of tech goggles (Vanilla Player/NPC) and a balaclava (DLC NPC Exclusive) as additional accessories to complement the rest of the headgear, or if you don’t have other mods adding these.

A secondary item, called “Hair Hider” has been added in case you want to hide your hair without wearing a Balaclava.

The entire headgear is split into these individual items:
Mask LEDs
Visor [Up]
Visor [Down]
Visor LEDs [Up]
Visor LEDs [Down]
Hair Hider

This headgear has been colored in the same color palette as my other military mods. It features the same rough, non-reflective appearance as my armor pads, but I kept some of the metallic elements as well.

There are 28 different color sets, 20 solids and 8 custom camo variants. The LEDs for the mask and visor are separated and you can choose from 20 different colors. They also serve as the secondary color for the custom camo variants.

The 2 other additional items, Balaclava and Goggles, have 7 non-color and 3 shades of tan variants as they serve the purpose of secondary colors.

If you don’t like the camo items but you want matching sets with the armor pads, use these variants instead of the camo ones:
Arid – Tan
Arctic – Snow
Specops – Void
Urban/Digital – Black
Woodland/Tropical/Pinewood – Black/Charcoal

EquipmentEx is absolutely mandatory to be able to customize this headgear properly. This mod adds a total of 221 items.

The items are split to be worn individually on various head and face slots. I have requested specific slots for this mod which have already been added to EquipmentEx in the previous updates. Get the latest version of it for the headgear items to work properly. If you don’t use EquipmentEx, you can still wear the mask and headset in the vanilla Face and Head slots. They will not hide the hair.

The modules available in this mod are placed in these slots in EquipmentEx:
Mask: Mask x28
EyeLeft: Mask LEDs x20
EyeRight: Visor LEDs [U/D] x40
Glasses: Visor [U/D] x56
Eyes: Goggles x10
Balaclava: Balaclava x10
EarRight: Cables x28
EarLeft: Headset x28
Wreath: Hair Hider Accessory x1

Additional notes:
All items in this mod will work in first person view, without any clipping when using weapons. Additionally, if you equip the mask in the vanilla face slot, it will provide a 10% quickhack upload speed stat buff. EquipmentEx is still mandatory to wear the full set.

The main reason why I decided to quickly shift work on this mod instead of the glove project is because I wanted to have something to give you people on my birthday, which was yesterday. So consider as my birthday gift to you all.

Note that a very small fraction of the previews were taken at different stages of mod development, so if the item doesn’t look precisely like in a preview, it is because of that.

Female V and Male V
First person compatible
5 Main headgear modules, 28 Color options each
3 Main headgear LEDs modules, 20 Color options each
2 Secondary headgear accessories, 10 Color options each
1 Secondary Hair Hider accessory
221 items in total
Wearing the mask in the vanilla Face slot will grant a 10% quickhack upload speed stat increase
Colors made to match my other mods


This is an ArchiveXL based mod that adds standalone items to the game, requiring you to acquire them first as they won’t automatically appear in your inventory after installation. Two available methods exist for obtaining these items:

– Use my Tac Threads Atelier store, which adds an online shop for you to buy my items in an immersive way. Download both the atelier and the mod you want you use, as well as their respective requirements.
– Use the item codes provided in the zip file or in the Articles tab. Inserting these into the Cyber Engine Tweaks console will instantly add them to your inventory.

Download a single file:
– Modular Military Mask – Universal: For both genders and any body mod.

– This is a headgear kit that is worn completely on head and face, making it compatible with any body mod.
– The Balaclava is very tight, clipping may occur with certain face sliders. I can fix this but you need to contact me on Discord to show me the clipping and also test the adjusted refit I’ll be giving you.

Install via Vortex or manually extract the contents of the zip file into the Cyberpunk root folder so they end up like this:
– archive\pc\mod\scorpion_military_mask.archive
– archive\pc\mod\scorpion_military_mask.xl
– r6\tweaks\scorpiontank\scorpion_military_mask.yaml

Uninstall manually delete the following files:
– archive\pc\mod\scorpion_military_mask.archive
– archive\pc\mod\scorpion_military_mask.xl
– r6\tweaks\scorpiontank\scorpion_military_mask.yaml

– Works on game versions (2.1 | 2.02 | 2.01 | 2.0) with or without the Phantom Liberty DLC.
– Will not work on 1.63 and lower versions due to technical changes firstly introduced in version 2.0.
– Will not conflict with, or replace any vanilla or modded items.

– You are allowed to use and edit this mod only for your private & personal usage, or for your personal NPV.
– For any edits that you wish to make available for public use (including porting or refits) please contact me first.
– You are not allowed to reupload this mod or the assets within this mod (edited or not) without my permission.

Author: ScorpionTank
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